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  • Metal Flowers & Garden Art
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  • Australian Made
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15% off sitewide On All Products
Awarded best metal flowers in Australia 2022
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Exploring the Durability and Sustainability of Metal Outdoor Wall Art

The aesthetic appeal of an outdoor space significantly hinges on the decorative elements that garnish it. One such coveted element, prevalent in modern landscape designs, is Metal Outdoor Wall Art. Over recent years, it’s evident that this form of decor isn’t just captivating to the eye; it also boasts impressive durability and sustainability credentials. In this article, we’re taking a comprehensive dive into the long-lasting nature of metal outdoor wall art and its environmental upsides.

Durability: Standing Against the Test of Time and Weather

Metal, by nature, is robust and resilient, making it a go-to choice for outdoor decor. When thinking of metal, we often conjure images of sturdy skyscrapers and enduring machinery. So, it’s no surprise that metal outdoor wall art is capable of standing up to diverse climatic conditions with grace.


Resistance to Environmental Factors: Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze are often used for outdoor art pieces. These metals come with inherent resistance to factors like moisture, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. Thus, they don’t fade, warp, or crack as easily as other materials. Being exposed to sun, rain, and wind, they hold their ground, retaining their original appearance for years.

Versatility in Design: One of the primary reasons why metal art has gained popularity is its versatility. Artists can mould metals into intricate designs, abstract forms, or realistic portrayals, catering to a variety of aesthetic tastes. The variety extends from geometrical patterns to nature-inspired designs, ensuring there’s something for every outdoor theme.

Low Maintenance: Another feather in the cap of metal artwork is that they require minimal maintenance. A simple wipe-down is often sufficient to retain their shine and luster. No need for regular touch-ups or protective coats. Furthermore, unlike wooden or fabric installations, there’s no need for sealants, varnishes, or frequent cleaning routines.

Longevity: With the right care, outdoor metal wall art can last for decades, offering property owners a good return on investment. This longevity ensures that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor metal art pieces for years, even passing them down as family heirlooms.

Sustainability: An Eco-friendly Decor Choice

Today’s discerning homeowners aren’t just concerned about aesthetics; they also care about the environment. And here’s where metal outdoor wall art shines again.

Recycling Potential: Metals are among the most recyclable materials on Earth. An old or unwanted metal art piece doesn’t end up as waste. Instead, it can be recycled, melted down, and transformed into new products. This reduces the need for raw material extraction, subsequently reducing environmental harm.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint: Crafting wall art from recycled metals significantly reduces carbon emissions, especially when compared to producing new metal items. By supporting metal artworks, we indirectly contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Resource Efficiency: Unlike other materials that degrade in quality each time they are recycled, metals retain their properties. This means they can be recycled endlessly, making every outdoor metal wall art piece a testament to resource efficiency.

Cultural and Economic Impacts: Supporting artisans and craftsmen who specialise in metal outdoor wall art also aids in preserving traditional metalworking techniques. Buying these artworks promotes local economies and helps small businesses thrive. By purchasing these art pieces, homeowners are not only opting for sustainable decor but are also playing a role in keeping age-old crafts alive, ensuring that these skills are passed down through generations.

In essence, by opting for outdoor metal wall art, homeowners are not just elevating the visual charm of their outdoor spaces but are also making an environmentally responsible choice.


Metal outdoor wall art offered by platforms like Metal Garden is more than just a garden decoration choice. It’s an amalgamation of enduring beauty and eco-consciousness. Embracing this art form provides an opportunity to be a steward for both aesthetics and the environment. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor spaces while also keeping Mother Nature in mind, these art pieces emerge as a clear winner.

metal wall art

6 Decorative Benefits Of Metal Wall Art – Metal Garden

Metal has become a decor staple and modern design element for any home renovation project. Homeowners and interior designers are considering durable, decorative metal art and design to elevate the visual appeal of their interior or exterior. By simply adding a metal decor piece, you can transform the overall look and feel of your home. There are countless sculptures, paintings, and wall art made from metal offering a contemporary and modern touch to any decor or home style. Metal art designs are also used to enhance the garden and create a thriving, serene backyard. Metal wall art is like a blessing in disguise for all homeowners.

If you are contemplating using metal art for your home decor or garden, consider going through these benefits. We have listed six artistic and organic benefits of adding metal art to your home decor or landscape.

Decorative Benefits Of Metal Wall Art

1. Perfect for Interior Design

Experienced and knowledgeable interior designers can create welcoming and visually appealing decor. However, not everybody is blessed with knowledge and natural interior design abilities. 

Some individuals can create a stunning interior with little to no effort, while others have to spend days or weeks trying to think of the perfect aesthetic of their interior. Additionally, you also have to think of the right furniture, material, and wall art to boost decor appearance. 

Expert or not, you can easily create an ideal interior space with metal wall arts. With countless designs, styles, and colours available, metal wall art can completely transform your interior. 

The uniformly consistent design of metal art is suitable for any interior decor theme and blends in just right.

2. Bring More Positivity 

Although houses and building structures are constructed using concrete, it fails to deliver the touch of familiarity and doesn’t fulfil any aesthetic purposes. Even though you might try your best to transform concrete into a beautifully designed wall, it’ll still look plain and boring. 

Painting the wall or wallpaper can help you to a certain extent but it will lack a sense of familiarity. Here’s where metal wall art can come in handy. The metal wall art offers a beautiful and modern touch to your plain concrete walls. 

Homeowners can consider changing their old, boring walls with more modern metal pieces. Metal art creates a unique focal point, which when placed right can grab the attention of your guests. 

Adding metal designs to your dark, plain concrete wall will soften the environment and bring more positivity to your place.

3. Get Design Flexibility 

Compared to other decor materials, metal offers exceptional and high-level design flexibility. You can use metal decor in various interior and outdoor designs – from adding classic and vintage designs to choosing contemporary and abstract designs. 

The design flexibility options of metal wallflowers and designs offer you the advantage of blending it with your interior and furnishing style. Besides, you get to choose from thousands of colours and concepts in metal decor suitable to your interior and furnishing style.

4. Better Durability and Adaptability

Since metal is one of the most durable and adaptable materials, you can rest assured the decor piece lasts for decades. Unlike other materials, metal remains new and durable for years if not, decades. 

The surface of the metal is highly adaptable, meaning you can change the colour of wall art or decor piece with spray paint whenever you want. If you plan to use metal flower wall art or metal bird wall art for your outdoors, you can cover the surface with a water-proof layer coat to prevent corrosion.

5. Eco-friendly and Sustainable 

Years ago, most homeowners considered using synthetic and plastic decor pieces for their interiors. Not only do these materials offer less durability but also cost your health and the environment. 

However, the current architectural design innovations are inclining towards eco-friendly materials with better sustainability. Metal and wood are the most preferred materials used by homeowners for a natural appearance of animal sculptures

Unlike plastic, metal art can be designed from recycled objects and also be recycled. Using metal art over synthetic or plastic decor pieces will allow you to decorate your interior without creating any negative impact on the environment.

6. Customisable

No other material can offer you a customised option for creating decor pieces other than metal. Metal art is available in various forms, sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to add a personal unique touch to the decor piece. 

Most homeowners often seek a decor piece that reflects on their personality, offer durability, and can enhance the visual appeal of their interior or outdoor space. If that’s what you are looking for, metal wall art is perfect for you. 

You can also customise the metal art by adding colourful and decorative elements. 

Ready to Transform Your Interior and Outdoor Space with Metal Art?

We have an extensive range of metal arts and sculptures suitable for any home style and landscape. From beautiful Magpie garden statues to intricately designed metal wall art, find anything and everything related to metal design at Metal Art.

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