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Metal Garden gives you the ability to beautify your garden with affordable metal flower sculptures and garden art, by multi-award winning sculptor, Richard Kloester. Now with Free Delivery Australia Wide.

Richard founded Metal Garden using his skills as an “Industrial Designer”. Graduating from Queensland University of Technology with Distinction and was placed on the Dean’s list. He also was admitted into the “Golden Key International Honour Society”.

Richard Kloester has exhibited in many Gallery exhibitions and his biggest commission was from celebrity Interior Designer, Shaynna Blaze, from the “Block” and “Selling Houses Australia.” Richard also won first prize for his sculpture at the “Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.” His winning sculpture was also televised on “Better Homes and Gardens.”

All Metal Garden sculptures are handmade using a handheld plasma cutter which gives a rustic one-off feel as opposed to using mass produced computer laser cutting (CNC). Richard feels that CNC lacks the uniqueness and life he strives to achieve with his handmade pieces. By using a handheld plasma cutter each flower and garden art are different.

When comparing sculptures with competitors. Please note most sculptures are made using mass produced computer laser cutting machines (CNC). Most competitors advertise that their sculptures are handmade but that is not entirely true. Ask them if they use computer laser cutting. In most cases they will say yes. You can tell when sculptures are not handmade when the sculpture looks too perfect and is highly detailed. Metal Garden is very proud to say that we are 100% handmade. We plasma cut our sculptures by hand using a hand held plasma cutter giving you a truely unique sculpture. The reason Metal Garden uses this technique, is because using computer laser cutting machines gives the impression that it’s imported cheaply from China, India etc. Looks like it’s mass produced. There is no love put into these sculptures. So when comparing sculptures remember to compare if they are truely handmade.

About Metal Garden

Who we are ?


Metal Garden is proud to create 100% handmade metal creations


All creations are skillfully made by multi-award winning sculptor, Richard Kloester


All of our creations come to life right here in Australia

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