Tree of Life Wall Art, Metal Wall Garden Art (60cm diameter)


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Enhance your home decor with meaningful and beautiful Tree of Life Wall Art. Available in various forms such as metal, canvas, and wood, these versatile pieces add a touch of nature and symbolism to your living spaces. Discover the perfect Tree of Life Wall Art for your home and enjoy free shipping across Australia.

Types of Tree of Life Wall Art

Tree of Life Wall Art comes in various forms, including metal, canvas, and wood. Each type offers unique benefits and features to suit different home decor styles and personal preferences:

  • Tree of Life Metal Wall Art: Durable and easy to maintain, metal wall art adds a modern and industrial touch to your decor.
  • Tree of Life Wall Art Canvas: For a softer and more traditional look, canvas prints provide warmth and texture.
  • Tree of Life Wood Wall Art: Wood carvings and sculptures bring a rustic and earthy vibe to your living spaces.
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