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Awarded best metal flowers in Australia 2022
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metal wall art

6 Decorative Benefits Of Metal Wall Art – Metal Garden

Metal has become a decor staple and modern design element for any home renovation project. Homeowners and interior designers are considering durable, decorative metal art and design to elevate the visual appeal of their interior or exterior. By simply adding a metal decor piece, you can transform the overall look and feel of your home. There are countless sculptures, paintings, and wall art made from metal offering a contemporary and modern touch to any decor or home style. Metal art designs are also used to enhance the garden and create a thriving, serene backyard. Metal wall art is like a blessing in disguise for all homeowners.

If you are contemplating using metal art for your home decor or garden, consider going through these benefits. We have listed six artistic and organic benefits of adding metal art to your home decor or landscape.

Decorative Benefits Of Metal Wall Art

1. Perfect for Interior Design

Experienced and knowledgeable interior designers can create welcoming and visually appealing decor. However, not everybody is blessed with knowledge and natural interior design abilities. 

Some individuals can create a stunning interior with little to no effort, while others have to spend days or weeks trying to think of the perfect aesthetic of their interior. Additionally, you also have to think of the right furniture, material, and wall art to boost decor appearance. 

Expert or not, you can easily create an ideal interior space with metal wall arts. With countless designs, styles, and colours available, metal wall art can completely transform your interior. 

The uniformly consistent design of metal art is suitable for any interior decor theme and blends in just right.

2. Bring More Positivity 

Although houses and building structures are constructed using concrete, it fails to deliver the touch of familiarity and doesn’t fulfil any aesthetic purposes. Even though you might try your best to transform concrete into a beautifully designed wall, it’ll still look plain and boring. 

Painting the wall or wallpaper can help you to a certain extent but it will lack a sense of familiarity. Here’s where metal wall art can come in handy. The metal wall art offers a beautiful and modern touch to your plain concrete walls. 

Homeowners can consider changing their old, boring walls with more modern metal pieces. Metal art creates a unique focal point, which when placed right can grab the attention of your guests. 

Adding metal designs to your dark, plain concrete wall will soften the environment and bring more positivity to your place.

3. Get Design Flexibility 

Compared to other decor materials, metal offers exceptional and high-level design flexibility. You can use metal decor in various interior and outdoor designs – from adding classic and vintage designs to choosing contemporary and abstract designs. 

The design flexibility options of metal wallflowers and designs offer you the advantage of blending it with your interior and furnishing style. Besides, you get to choose from thousands of colours and concepts in metal decor suitable to your interior and furnishing style.

4. Better Durability and Adaptability

Since metal is one of the most durable and adaptable materials, you can rest assured the decor piece lasts for decades. Unlike other materials, metal remains new and durable for years if not, decades. 

The surface of the metal is highly adaptable, meaning you can change the colour of wall art or decor piece with spray paint whenever you want. If you plan to use metal flower wall art or metal bird wall art for your outdoors, you can cover the surface with a water-proof layer coat to prevent corrosion.

5. Eco-friendly and Sustainable 

Years ago, most homeowners considered using synthetic and plastic decor pieces for their interiors. Not only do these materials offer less durability but also cost your health and the environment. 

However, the current architectural design innovations are inclining towards eco-friendly materials with better sustainability. Metal and wood are the most preferred materials used by homeowners for a natural appearance of animal sculptures

Unlike plastic, metal art can be designed from recycled objects and also be recycled. Using metal art over synthetic or plastic decor pieces will allow you to decorate your interior without creating any negative impact on the environment.

6. Customisable

No other material can offer you a customised option for creating decor pieces other than metal. Metal art is available in various forms, sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to add a personal unique touch to the decor piece. 

Most homeowners often seek a decor piece that reflects on their personality, offer durability, and can enhance the visual appeal of their interior or outdoor space. If that’s what you are looking for, metal wall art is perfect for you. 

You can also customise the metal art by adding colourful and decorative elements. 

Ready to Transform Your Interior and Outdoor Space with Metal Art?

We have an extensive range of metal arts and sculptures suitable for any home style and landscape. From beautiful Magpie garden statues to intricately designed metal wall art, find anything and everything related to metal design at Metal Art.

metal art

All You Need To Know About The Outdoor Durable Metal Wall Arts

Your outdoor wall or exteriors plays a vital role in your home decor. They add charm and reflect positive vibes on the entrance of your home or building. It is always an ideal decision to beautify and enhance your home exteriors with metal wall arts. Metal wall arts help in adding spice and aesthetic look to your dull and blank walls of outdoor spaces for you to enjoy dining, deck parties, and many more outside your home with beautiful wall decor.

Below we have mentioned some prominent factors about these metal walls along with ideas that will help you decorate your outdoor space in an effective and efficient way.

What is metal wall art? 

Metal Wall art is the most durable and fancy wall art that can be customised as per your needs and preferences. You can also use these metal wall arts to decorate your patio, garden wall, and deck areas as well. These metal panels are attached directly to your outside walls effortlessly. All you need to do is follow the easy direction mentioned in the manual of these products. Most metals wall arts are made from durable metals such as stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper, and brass. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and don’t require much maintenance. You clean them easily with the help of a cloth or soft brush. 

Exterior wall decorating ideas

Here are some tips and types of metal wall arts that you must consider to decorate your home exteriors.

Keep the size of the wall in mind 

Metal wall arts are available in many designs and patterns that can invoke your thoughts and feelings. However, it is also essential to invest in wall arts that fit well with your wall and home decor. You must first make sure to check the size of the metal panel, how big will it look on your wall, and whether there is a need for you to invest in a big size metal wall arts or not. 

Electric Lighting 

You can enjoy illuminating lights during your night hours by adding LED lights to your metal wall arts. You can install an additional upgraded electrical wiring connection system on your wall arts to add extra effects on your home exteriors. Further, you can place it on the backside of your metal panels to add highlight effects on your wall art.

Types of wall art decorate

  1. Outdoor Metal Animal Wall Arts

    Are easy to install and doesn’t need any additional mounting process. You can hang the metal panel on the wall with one nail for each piece. Ensure not to rub or scratch the metal art with a sharp object and gently clean it with a dry cloth.

  2. Outdoor metal flower sculptures

    Are best to store on the pathway on your entrance. It can add charm to your entrance without overwhelming the space.

  3. Outdoor metal art sculptures

    Are handmade using a handheld plasma cutter to give a sharp finish look. Outdoor wall sculptures are one-of-a-kind decorate that are made from a premium metal suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can install these beautiful sculptures in your garden as well.

  4. Metal flower wall art

    offers an extremely soothing effect on your eyes. It is probably one of the best exterior wall decorating ideas that you must install in your home decor.

Your home decor is not limited to home furniture or other interior applications. Your outdoor is part of your home decor as well and if you wish to install gorgeous and aesthetic wall art design on your outside wall, you can contact us today or visit our website for more insight. 


Reasons To Use Metal Garden Art & Tips To Protect Them

Top Tips For How to Protect Outdoor Metal Art

Having a picturesque garden can complete the overall look of your property and immediately catch the attention of any visitor or passerby. Maintaining your garden will help beautify your space and offer you your very own comfort zone. One of the best ways to constantly beautify your garden is by adding attractive metal garden artwork. Metal garden arts are stunning art pieces that can not only adorn your landscape but also attract your guests and leave them fascinated. Even simple metal statues in a garden can do wonders!

If you are someone who takes pride in beautifying your garden with extraordinary plants, flowers, and of course, metal art – this blog is for you. We have put together the reasons why so many people adore outdoor metal sculptures in Australia, along with some of our top tips for how to stop metal garden ornaments from rusting and degrading over time!r dream garden a reality.

Reasons To Use Metal Art For Your Garden

Your garden is a true reflection of yourself – it’s a place where you cultivate beauty and bring life to your surroundings. So why not enhance its charm with some elegant metal garden art? These pieces can add a touch of uniqueness and personality to your outdoor space, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind feel.

Plus, they’re durable and long-lasting, meaning you can enjoy them for many years to come. But beyond mere aesthetics, metal garden art can also serve functional purposes such as marking pathways or highlighting certain plants or features in the landscape.

Here are our top reasons for adding metal garden art to your outdoor space.

To Create A Positive Environment

If maintained, metal garden art can serve as a decorative piece for a lifetime. Such metal artwork can add more value, volume, and positivity to your space, which makes your garden an ideal place to relax. Adding metal garden sculptures will help you engage with your family and guests, resulting in a harmonious and positive environment.

To Add Visual Aesthetic To Your Place

A famous old saying goes something like this “eyes are windows to the soul”. Similarly, the garden is the window to the soul of your space. When you adorn your garden with stunning metal artwork, it will not only beautify your landscape but also add a visual aesthetic to your home. Adding decorations or metal garden structures to your garden can bring life to your outdoor space.

To Add Creativity

Creativity can be found in every area of the home – from changing the interior of your living room to decorating your garden. When it comes to your garden, you can showcase your creativity level by adding a variety of stunning metal pieces available in different designs, sizes, and colours. Different designs can add more visuals to your garden. Here at Metal Garden, we have a variety of designs that will enhance your garden – from flowers, animals, and birds to Christmas decorations. Buy metal garden birds in Australia.

To Create a Space Where You Can Relax & Unwindurself

Incorporating metal artwork into your garden design not only adds visual interest and beauty but can also serve as a functional element in creating a space where you can unwind and relax. A bench made of metal provides a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of your garden. Metal sculptures add a unique element to the landscape, creating soothing sounds and beautiful visuals as they sway in the breeze. In incorporating metal art into your garden design, you’ll be able to create an oasis where you can escape the stress of everyday life and truly relax.

3 Top Tips For How To Protect Metal Art

As garden enthusiasts, we spend a great deal of time and effort searching for special pieces to add character and beauty to our outdoor spaces. However, mother nature can be harsh on metal garden art – it can rust, deteriorate, or even get blown away in strong winds. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps on how to protect metal art in the long run.

Use The Right Equipment

Using the appropriate tools and equipment for installing metal artwork will ensure they are placed correctly in your garden. Incorrect installation will hinder the look of your garden. Therefore, always use specialized outdoor tools to install your metal garden art.

Consider Dusting Every Once in a While

Keep dust and debris away from your metal garden! Always use a lint-free cloth or a soft clean cloth to remove the dirt and debris from your metal artwork as it will help prevent potential scratches and damages.

Here’s How To Keep Metal Art From Rusting

While our metal garden art is made of mild steel and a light patina is ideal, you don’t want your piece o to continue rusting and breaking down over time. Taking care of your metal garden artwork doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it’s fairly simple to keep these pieces looking beautiful for years to come.

One tip for how to stop metal garden ornaments from rusting is by avoiding moisture buildup, which can happen from rainwater or even just excessive watering of nearby plants. Make sure there is adequate drainage around your metal art and consider placing a protective cover over it during periods of heavy rainfall.

Another aspect of how to keep metal art from rusting is where you place your artwork – in areas with high humidity or extreme temperatures, the likelihood of rusting increases. If rust does start to form, don’t despair! Regularly applying an anti-corrosion spray like Penetrol, which you can find at Bunnings, can do wonders in helping restore the original state of your metal pieces. As with any type of garden maintenance, a little bit of proactive care can go a long way in preserving the beauty and longevity of your metal artwork.

Searching For Metal Garden Art in Australia?

Are you looking for something special to add a finishing touch to your garden? Look no further than our collection of metal art pieces, each handcrafted by our multi-award-winning sculptor, Richard Kloester, who has an eye for beauty and stunning attention to detail.

From vibrant flowers to graceful butterflies and everything in between, we have a piece that is sure to bring life to any outdoor space. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re envisioning, our team is more than happy to work with you to bring your unique idea to fruition. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 0427911888 and let’s make your dream garden a reality.

metal art

3 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Metal Garden Art

The Garden is an idyllic space for homeowners to unwind and spend extra hours with nature. People feel more cheery after spending time weeding, planting, or harvesting in their gardens. It helps increase your serotonin level, a chemical that increases the feeling of well-being. Along with maintaining your outdoor space, you should also consider adding unique and beautiful garden decoration.

By considering garden decoration, you can make your outdoor space look more attractive and beautiful. Decorations can help bring out the vibrant colours of flowers and add to the overall aesthetic and theme of your garden.

Using outdoor metal art and other unique decor pieces can transform your garden into a unique and picturesque space.

Here are three ways to spruce up your outdoor space using metal garden art.

1. DIY Copper Flowers

With the help of copper sheeting, you can easily create a metal flower that will continue to age more gracefully. To make a DIY copper flower, you will need:

  • Copper sheeting and rods
  • Metal shears
  • Protective gear
  • Metal adhesive
  • Metal file
  • Hand sawand a touch of creativity!


  • First, decide how you would like to cut your flower and then carve them into the desired shape.
  • Once done, create a flower by layering petals over one another and place a copper bud in the centre. To secure all the copper pieces together, use a metal adhesive. 
  • Again with the help of metal adhesive, attach a copper rod that will act as a flower stem. Now, use a metal file to soften any sharp edges on your flowers.
  • Place your DIY copper flowers wherever you wish and done!

Here at Metal Garden Art, we store a variety of handcrafted copper flowers that suit all garden types.

2. Make Metal Flowers from Bottle Caps

Making metal flowers out of old bottle caps is one of the simplest DIY projects and ideal for beginner crafters. 

Here is what you will need:

  • Lots of old bottle caps
  • Outdoor paint
  • Old wire hangers
  • Metal shears 
  • Strong glue


  • First, start by carving small slices of the rim of the bottle cap and create a petal effect. 
  • Once done, use outdoor paint to colour the flowers.

Attach the painted flowers to a metal wire using a strong glue, and allow them to dry overnight.

  • If you have got a colourful collection of old bottle caps, you can also plan to ditch outdoor paint to give a more natural look. 

    3. Animal-Inspired Metal Garden Art

If you have a soft corner for animals, then you would love to add animal-inspired garden metal art to your outdoor spaces. 

Here at Metal Garden Art, we use heavy-duty metal to make adorable animal garden metal art. Each adorable sculpture in our collection is handcrafted and guaranteed to bring an element of joy to your outdoor space.

We also offer wild and pet animal-inspired sculptures – from dogs, butterflies, dragonflies, magpies, to swallows.

For the best metal garden art in Australia, choose Metal Garden Art.

You can browse our entire collection of handcrafted and beautiful metal art right on our website.

5 Benefits of Unique Metal Art

Being one step ahead of the current trends and going with the flow is the key to a  thriving and serene backyard. Over the past few years, it is observed that people prefer living a healthy and organic, green life. As a result, one of the most popular green industry trends that have emerged as a top hit is building and designing gardens. People are now understanding the importance of renovating and designing a new garden, keeping in mind the art side to it. 

The basic idea of combining art with landscape has led gardeners and landscape designers to arrange metal sculptures and decor in the most prominent ways. In Australia, metal garden birds, metal bird wall art, flower art, and other varieties of metal sculpture are quite popular. 

If you are facing a dilemma of whether to opt for metal garden art or not, here are the top five benefits of adding them to your landscapes.

1> Easy To Use

Unlike certain garden sculptures, decors, and various other forms of garden arts, metal arts are quite easy to use. Since metals are cut and carved from the metal sheet using specialised tools, it offers metal art designers the power to create them into any desired shapes.

People prefer experimenting with new garden pieces and sculptures. As a result, you will find an array of metal garden art with different shapes, sizes, styles, and also colours. 

Most of the metal wall arts do not follow the classic rectangle format. This means you can also discover metal garden art with beautiful text and shape. The variety of shape and texture of metal art has made it easy for gardeners and landscape designers to install them anywhere in the backyard.

2> Attractive Piece

Metal garden art is simply beautiful and appealing. As a unique form of art, they tend to create a focal point of attraction for any passer-by or visitor. This is because metal wall arts are available with exceptional finishes, style, shape, colour, and stunning pieces.


Metal is one of the most durable and hard-wearing materials that have a long life span.  As a result, metal garden art is also a durable backyard decor piece. In case it takes a fall, be assured that it will still stay in one piece.

A worthy investment!

4> Adaptable

The type of metal used and the finishing process allows you to use metal pieces both indoors and outdoors. 

5> Affordable

Metal garden art is quite affordable. As a result, it allows homeowners to continually improve and update their garden without spending a huge amount of money.

Are you ready to transform your garden with eye-catching metal art?

Browse through our extensive range of metal art and outdoor wall sculpture to match your beautiful landscape!

Planning To Revamp Your Outdoor? Here is Why You Should Consider a Metal Garden Sculpture and Decorations

We humans have always had a close-knit relationship with art. From prehistoric cave drawings to ancient instruments, art has always been an interwoven part of our life where race, political inclination, or cultural background does not hold any standard. Regardless of any case, art plays a significant role in how humans can interact with others and the world in general. This hobby can unlock a unique vision within and helps us discover the world from another perspective. People appreciate art in different ways, including music, dance, poetry, drawings, paintings, or sometimes even graffiti. One of the most popular these days is gardening. People all across the world have realized that adding an aesthetic piece of metal sculpture in a garden can revamp the look of the outdoors. Apart from planting, furniture, and general maintenance, a metal sculpture in a garden can enhance the beauty of the exterior and interior of the house in abundance. Due to its popularity, people are now looking for various metal garden sculptures for sale in Australia that offer a stunning and magnificent look to their outdoor space. At Metal Garden, you will discover a few unique, beautiful metal sculptures, including rusty metal flowers for your garden that are made for the sole purpose of intensifying the beauty of the outdoors.

No one wants their garden to look dull and boring. Instead, revamping can give the garden an artistic touch that your soul craves. Designing your garden with metal sculptures can bring a calming elegance and a new dimension to the outdoor living space. However, designing a garden is much more than just adding a stepping stone or placing plants. It is more like getting the artist within you out and being associated with nature. Garden decorations, metal flower garden pieces, and statues are a few of the best ways to decorate your garden. All this without getting your hands dirty!

Check out the top three reasons why using decorations, statues, and rusty garden art metal flowers for your garden is a good idea!

1) A Realistic and Beautiful Garden


The world is full of chaos and mayhem, which hinders our mental health every day. During such times, having a place where we can unwind from stress and enjoy our own company can prove to be beneficial. If being close to nature is what you are looking for, then think of revamping your garden. There is no doubt that the garden is one of the favorite spots for many, regardless of home or office. This is the place where you would want to spend hours and hours peacefully with yourself or your loved ones in the lap of nature. Such moments can be made unique and delightful by adding ornaments, sculptures, and a metal flower garden in your landscape garden. We have unique shaped sculptures, including rusty metal sunflower, dogs, birds, animals, and even a seasonal special – Christmas!

2)A Stressful Job? Not Anymore!

Long are the days are gone where manual efforts required for gardening used to deter one from creating a beautiful and magnificent landscape. All this is possible because of the unique shape and design a garden art sculpture provides. Garden art sculptures have successfully turned the tables around and helped with decorating the garden along with your house and office within a time frame. Unlike gardening where you have to put in your blood, sweat, and tears, placing sculptures require little to no effort. The only action you need to do is to buy a beautiful rusty metal sunflower for your garden. Forget about all the hardships you had to put to amp up the decor of your garden because a garden with a metal flower will speak for itself.

3) A Whole New Look

If you are bored with your plain and dull garden, consider this time to revamp it. Revamping and designing a garden brings out the art that touches your soul. Many pieces of art sculptures, such as a metal flower garden can help you draw the attention of the exterior and offer you the best results. These garden art sculptures stand out the most in your garden all thanks to their unbeatable quality. You are free to choose the sculpture that interests your ideas.

With an array of metal sculptures at Metal Garden, you now can beautify your garden at an affordable range. All our products 100% Handmade with equal care and unique designs. To make your garden look more engaging and interesting, contact us on  0427 911 888.”



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